The application period for the Doctoral Program in Global Studies is now open

The application period for the Doctoral Program in Global Studies is now open

The formal application period for the Doctoral Program in Global Studies for the next academic year (2020-2021) is now open. Applications must be submitted through the application portal of Aberta University (

Based on the relationship between research and teaching, the subject matter of the Doctoral Program in Global Studies is the world in dynamic globalization. The nature, intensity and speed of interconnections between peoples, economies, cultures and the environment raise opportunities, but also problems and risks to our coexistence, lacking new cognitive and operational tools. Thus, an area of ​​studies that is still emerging in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries, is streamlined, with reference to “global studies”, in accordance with recommendations from global institutions, namely UNESCO.

Linking knowledge from the Social Sciences, Humanities, Environment and Education, through an interdisciplinary approach, the doctoral program in Global Studies promotes advanced training that prepares senior staff to deal with the globalization process major themes, problems and alternative ways, creating critical knowledge and capacity to intervene in the construction of a global ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable society.

The objective is to provide students with the skills to understand and solve problems from an international and global perspective. This great objective is based on a multifaceted and non-hegemonic program, applied to global contexts in which societies are seen as subsystems of the interdependent global world, with a view to social justice.

With this motivation, students will be able to direct and manage research, teaching and development projects in scenarios of use, exploration and experimentation of digital in organizations, demonstrating the capacity to produce theoretical and practical knowledge in the scientific areas of this Doctoral Program, generating and multiplying scientific research, suitable for society and the national and international academic environment.

Additionally, a doctor in Global Studies will be prepared to lead experimentation/ research projects of conception/action research in this domain, carrying out change processes that strongly consider the use of platforms and networks. While considering the fields of intervention in organizations, in general, but also in society, specifically with groups and individuals.

Students will be able to have a complex thought frame that, instead of overlapping, articulates knowledge and brings theory and practice closer together in a transdisciplinary approach.

This program adopts an approach that is intended to be balanced with respect to the scientific areas that compose it, comparable to other 2-3 Doctoral Programs offered in the European space. On the other hand, when working in Online Distance Learning mode, this Doctoral Program is pioneering, accessible to doctoral students inserted in the job market and in need of training to solve global problems.


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